Okpo Land

Okpo Land can be found in Okpo City, Geoje Island, South Korea. It closed in 1999 following a string of accidents. It’s apparently a very eerie place, perched on top of a hill on the tiny island. A young girl tragically fell to her death from a ride and, following the accident Okpo Land’s owner disappeared, never to be seen again. Still, the thought of ghosts of children roaming the empty grounds has done nothing to stop the pilgrimage of the photographers who return over and over again to capture some of the strange beauty of what was once a happy place. abandoned9


Lincoln Park

This was the Comet Rollercoast at Lincoln Park in Massachusetts. It closed in 1987 much to the dismay of the locals who gathered to watch security guards wrap chains and fences around what had been a hive of activity. It was originally built as a park in 1894 but in the 1910 its first carousel was installed. The Comet rollercoaster was built in 1946 and eventually torn down as recently as 2012Image


Nara Dreamland

abandoned 7

Nara Dreamland was built in 1961 near Nara, Japan. It was supposed to be almost identical to Disneyland, California and featured a train depot, Main Street USA and the Sleeping Beauty Castle. There was a Matterhorn Mountain, a monorail and a skyway running through the centre. The wooden rollercoaster was modelled on the Cyclone at Coney Island. Nara Dreamland closed for good in 2006 and security guards still patrol to make sure nobody enters.

Six Flags

abandoned 3

Six Flags Amusement Park is in New Orleans and was closed down shortly before Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. It’s in a semi-ruined state and even though there have been plans on and off over the years to restore it to its former glory, it remains a ghost town. Anybody entering the site is threatened with arrest for trespassing. Keep clear.